All the tools necessary for people who love to cook well: an assortment essential butcomplete, with articles of different shapes and sizes offered to suit all types and cooking needs, from simple dishes to the most rich and elaborate dishes. Steel 18/10.Guaranteed Made in Italy. Designed to set very convenient outlets and supermarkets.

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Battery + 12pcs Pastaiola Barazzoni
battery consists of:
1 Pot 18cm-3, 6LT
1 Saucepan 18cm-2, 1lt
1 Saucepan 22cm-3, 8LT
1 Pan 22cm-2, 2lt
Casserole ml14cm 1-0, 9lt
1 Pastaiola (pot + rack + lid) 22cm
1 Cover 14cm
1 Cover 18cm
1 Cover 18cm
1 Cover 22cm

Enjoy battery 10pcs

Battery consists of:
1 Pot 22cm
1 Casserole 2 handles 18cm
1 Casserole 2 handles 22cm
1 Pan 24 cm
A casserole with long handle 14cm
1 Milk boiler 12cm
1 Cover 12cm
1 Cover 14cm
1 Cover 18cm
1 Cover 22cm
1 Cover 24cm

Battery Elegance 26pz Barazzoni

Battery consists of:
1 Pot 20cm
1 Pot 24cm
1 Saucepan 16cm
1 Saucepan 20cm
1 Saucepan 24cm
A casserole with long handle 14cm
1 baking tray 24cm
1 Milk boiler
1 Strainer 14cm
1 Vapocuoci 20cm
1 Cover 14cm
1 Cover 16cm
2 Cover 20cm
2 Cover 24cm
1 Cover 20cm steam
1 Grid 20cm
1 Alzagriglia
Ladle 1 cm9 M / curved
Skimmer 1 M / curved
1 Palafritto M / curved
1 Fork M / curved
Spoon 1 M / curved
1 Servispaghetti M / curved
1 Knob w / suction cup and cover

Pressure cooker Amelia

The main prerogative of the pressure cooker Amelia is security.
A first safety valve housed in a protected position under cross-lever and a locking device that is also an indication of pressure.
The valve operation also allows venting of steam and heat resistant ergonomic handles ensure a secure grip.
Made of steel inox18/10 is suited to ‘use in the dishwasher.
18cm-3, 5l

Amelia Barazzoni Battery 10pcs
A wide assortment of pots, pans, frying pans to meet all the needs for cooking. The 18/10 stainless steel cookware is a guarantee of robust and functional. The black bakelite handles are heat resistant, while the triple bottom allows you to cook on all sources of heat.

Battery consists of:
1-Pot 20cm 5lt
1 Saucepan 18cm-2, 1lt
1 Saucepan 22cm-3, 8LT
1 Frying pan 24cm-1, 5l
Casseuola 14cm 1-0, 8LT
1 Milk boiler 12cm-1, 25lt
1 Cover 14cm
1 Coperchio1 8cm
1 Cover 20cm
1 Cover 22cm

Pastaiola PastaMania Steel 6LT

”PastaManiaInox” is ideal for cooking any kind of pasta.
It can be used also for cooking also steamed vegetables, doing so will keep food in a ‘high percentage of minerals.
“PastaManiaInox” is designed to allow the easy and safe draining of the food after cooking.
Size: 22cm-6LT

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